Hokusai Encyclopedia

Hokusai Manga Encyclopedia

We have stopped selling this book but Amazon has a good selection of Hokusai Books

The Complete Hokusai-Manga Collection in one Encyclopedia
(Hard Cover with case, 932 Pages)

The ultimate Hokusai-Manga reference for serious collectors. Covers Hokusai’s lifetime work. This includes the 15 volumes of his manga collection, all in one encyclopedia. Text in Japanese only. An amazing collection of illustrations covering the majority of the subjects he has documented during his lifetime. Those of you who understand the role Hokusai played in the Japanese tattoo culture & Japanese arts will know this is simply a must have. There is so much in there you won’t know where to start.

We also highly recommend you to see the Back Piece Special Issue with Plenty of Japanese Tattoos! 800 Back Pieces! A must have!

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