Tattoo Design

Dragon Phoenix

Europe 2014

Back to Japan in a few days! My next trip to Europe will be in June 2014. For info and  so that we have plenty of time to work on your designs, Get in touch! Thank you all for the wonderful time & See you again soon! Enjoy! Y.  

Phoenix Tattoo Design

Phoenix Tattoo Design

Phoenix  Tattoo design study! Evolution of a phoenix that is slowly taking place! My favourite subject, It seems I have a lot of requests and time to make them become one day an eventual master piece! Enjoy & Thank you all! Y.


Aum Tattoo

A small celebration & Somehow a big step! I decided to take it slowly, feeling each stroke in the palm!  Now, the pleasure of seeing it heal before eventual retouching!  I can already see it growing from here!  Hands are so symbolic in Human life! I’ll treat them as a […]