Spain Italy Japanese Tattoo

Valencia Milano

Quick Jump toValencia and Milano! Then back to Brussels during November-December. London still considered. Get in touch as I am still travelling through Europe! See you soon! Y.

Europe Tattoo tour, Japanese Tattoo

European Tattoo Tour, Oct-Nov 2015

Small European Tattoo tour! Oct-Nov 2015. It’s the end of the summer and time for some more travel .Welcome to get in touch even if your destination is not on the list as I am still planning! Contact by email Enjoy! Y.

Tao, Shaolin, Back Piece Tattoo, London


Model: Dom Dumaresq , Photographer: Richard Stow Thank you for the great shot, Work done around 2-3 Years ago. Looking forward to Get This framed on the new studio wall for the good vibe! Many thanks! :)

Japanese Tattoo Europe

Japan & Europe

Back in Japan, A special thanks to everyone for their warm welcome and the awesome time spent together! Next Trip to Europe in June 2016. Enjoy! Y.

Japanese Tattoo London

London Feb 2015

  Currently in London, Landing in Valencia (Spain) on Wednesday 25th of Feb for a few days before making my way back to Belgium Early March, then Japan.  Hit me up by email. Enjoy. Y.

Japanese Tattoo - Crow Tattoo

Crow Tattoo

A nice Improvised Little Tattoo I really enjoyed. The traveller was on a rush and so was the picture. Glad you enjoyed Japan! Y. Side note! End of October, Brussels! Considered Destinations, London/Brighton, Valencia, Amsterdam, Stockholm! Contact by email! Peace!

Phoenix Tattoo

Phoenix Tattoo

  In Brussels for a few more days, then Back to Japan. My next travel to Europe will be in October 2014 (Brussels, Valencia, London, Stockholm & Amsterdam considered). For information & requests, Get in touch! Enjoy! Y.

Phoenix Tattoo Sleeve

Phoenix Tattoo

A little fine tuning and we’ll be there! Thank you for your patience! Still in Brussels for a few days & Considering making a quick jump to London on the way back! ! Enjoy! Y.