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Japanese Tattoo Switzerland

Hello All! A quick update on my travels and plans for 2017! I have to spend more time in Brussels for new and ongoing projects! The Zurich/Luzern trip is getting closer and should happen any time from Early March to around June! (Guest spots welcome) Valencia is greatly missed and […]


Frying Dutchman, Human Error

Not a Tattoo Video. But living in Japan, we need more people who attempts to challenge the system, or at least Express their view publicly, especially when it comes to such matters. So a little Japanese culture, It’s not all traditions! Enjoy! Y.

Rabu - Love


Rabu – Love “”Rabu is the Japanese pronunciation of “Love”. This T shirt is a pun both to the linguistic variations of the term and to the archetypal sculptural typography of Robert Indiana that inspired it.”” Our friends at Copylight are giving 20% of their sale price to support the People of Fukushima! Check […]

hanya Mask


    As provided by the show organizers! “A WOMAN SCORNED”- The Hannya Mask Project The Hannya mask is one of the most highly recognizable images of the 14th century Japanese Noh Theater. The masks are used to convey the identity and mood of the nearly eighty characters in the […]

Japan cherry blossoms


To all Tattoo lovers, artists and people out there! The people in the radioactive areas & the surrounding areas are still going through a lot of troubles! I am looking for people worldwide who could organise charity events, sell art or what ever ideas they have to collect more funds […]


Tashi Mannox, Humble yet Beautiful

Tashi Mannox – Tibetan Calligrapher from Planetary Productions on Vimeo. A really nice video about Tashi Mannox, in many ways a role model for me. It is always so refreshing to meet people who made simplicity & Humility a way of life. If you ever need Tibetan Script or symbolism, […]