Flow Glow

Flow Glow

Flow Glow. more in the series. Some more observations of the sakura this season and I’ll be ready for the next few steps.    

Zen Sun

Zen Sun

The Spring was already heartfelt yesterday, Petals were flying.. so early.. such beauty.. Inspired, simply… living the moment.

2016 flow

Flow 2016

Pure Flow, United thought and action.. A new series of work in preparation. Thank you all. Enjoy! Y. A work in progress giving us an oportunity to live and contribute to our dreams.

dragon Sumi


Today! I had to forget tattoo and get back to the source! Brush work! It had been a while! I have to learn again, get back in to the brush flow ;) Yet, I can see that all I developed with the needles will still be useful! Strange, but you […]

Love 0


Love, Sumi & Gold on – 59×73 cm approx. Back to the basics! Effortless, spontaneous, simple, true! I have decided to practice again that simple art that is living in the moment. I will make a whole series entitled Love. If any of you wish to commission one of those. […]