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守破離 Shuhari

守破離 – Shuhari – Directed by : Ernesto Rafael ‘Jinmu’ De La Serna Model : 与座 Yoza Sound : 神武 「Patria O Muerte」 神武音: Jinmusound Thank you Brother! Enjoy! Y.

Phoenix & Snake Tattoo study

Phoenix & Snake Tattoo study

Quick Study for a Phoenix & Snake Sketch forearm design to help the discussion with the customer. It is likely I’ll still have some room for appointments in Brussels around May – June. If you have any questions. get in touch! Enjoy! Y.

Phoenix Tattoo Head

Phoenix Tattoo

Start of a New Phoenix Back Piece Tattoo! Thank you for your patience & Stillness! I really enjoy working on this design! It’s gonna rock! Enjoy! Y. See phoenix Tattoo Back Piece Session 02

Phoenix Tattoo Design

Phoenix Back Piece Sketch

Finally found the start of the composition for a new phoenix back piece design! It is often the start of the design that’s the most difficult part! Now ready to play & flow! I have a high res scan of the line work complete I can sell to a selected […]