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Phoenix Back Piece Tattoo

European Tour

Phoenix completed at the last tour The next Europe tour will consist of London, Brussels, Valencia. Travelling dates will be around Beginning of March (exact dates to be confirmed). Please contact me for more information. Am especially interested in starting new back pieces! . Thank you! Enjoy! Y.    

Rabu - Love


Rabu – Love “”Rabu is the Japanese pronunciation of “Love”. This T shirt is a pun both to the linguistic variations of the term and to the archetypal sculptural typography of Robert Indiana that inspired it.”” Our friends at Copylight are giving 20% of their sale price to support the People of Fukushima! Check […]

hanya Mask


    As provided by the show organizers! “A WOMAN SCORNED”- The Hannya Mask Project The Hannya mask is one of the most highly recognizable images of the 14th century Japanese Noh Theater. The masks are used to convey the identity and mood of the nearly eighty characters in the […]

Japan cherry blossoms


To all Tattoo lovers, artists and people out there! The people in the radioactive areas & the surrounding areas are still going through a lot of troubles! I am looking for people worldwide who could organise charity events, sell art or what ever ideas they have to collect more funds […]

Love 0


Love, Sumi & Gold on – 59×73 cm approx. Back to the basics! Effortless, spontaneous, simple, true! I have decided to practice again that simple art that is living in the moment. I will make a whole series entitled Love. If any of you wish to commission one of those. […]