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phoenix Back Piece Tattoo

Phoenix Back Piece

!Completed Phoenix For now, This phoenix is definitely yours!!! Thank you for your patience and travels! Let’s extend the tail in a few years! Hope to see you in Japan! Next European around SeptemberY.

Tao, Shaolin, Back Piece Tattoo, London


Model: Dom Dumaresq , Photographer: Richard Stow Thank you for the great shot, Work done around 2-3 Years ago. Looking forward to Get This framed on the new studio wall for the good vibe! Many thanks! :)

Smiling God & Joy


Travelling from Village to Village, He kept laughing and smiling. People always joined him asking him what was the secret of his teachings and happiness. His only teaching was his smile. This is a piece I really want to tattoo on someone, flowing dancing lines of colours that form images […]