Monthly Archives: April 2010

Old School Japanese Tattoo

I have decided to see how I could develop my ‘new style’ based on very old school Japanese Tattoo as seen in the old prints! What I am especially interested by here is to use this style as background with quite colourful and painting style foreground elements with loads of […]

Nozarashi Gosuke carrying a long sword

歌川国芳 (Utagawa Kuniyoshi, 1798 – 1861) He is the hechman for the robber chief Nippon Daemon Rihei He is known as a street knight They lived by a strict code of honour which dictated that they always must assist townpeople in need. this theme is subject of a popular kabuki […]

Fresh Start, Life and tattoo

Once Upon a Time… :) It all starts with a few lines and some measures! Well, this is a little bit of ‘a’ tricky one as I have to complete a sleeve already started by three other artists! I have a good feeling about this! So looking forward to see […]

Koi, Dragon & Lotuses, Colour Study

Koi, Lotuses, Dragon colour study in progress! The Customer feedback was a real pleasure! “Great, awesome, super, can´t wait to have it in real.” Well I can’t wait myself to start it! Last call for design preparations before the planned Tattoo Tour Here!  Also, Meran/Merano Trentino-Alto Adige looks like it will definitely […]

Bird Colour Study

Quick sketch to see if the customer likes the feel of this! Now that I have more freedom with the techniques. I have the feeling I’m gonna do a few painterly tats with a Japanese Soul! You can see the start of the composition I wish to make with this […]

Pink Butterfly Orchid Study

Today, A lot of work on the tiger design! Some nice play, feeling, testing time with the machine! And some time to draw another quick sketch for one of the Flowers for the Orchid back piece! Here colour study! That’s it for today! Enjoy! Y.

Shige Tattoo liner by Sunskin

Today after much impatience I received this beautiful liner through the post. The delivery man with his usual smile, still wondering how comes he sees me so often,  with his humble attitude gave me the parcel and asked me to sign. Deep in me it almost feels like a religious […]

The Start of a Back Piece & Orchids

Today, more preparation work for drawings in progress & Ordering gear and supplies. The highlight of the day is the start of a new inspiration for a NYC customer. We’ve agreed on a half back piece growing from the scapula to mid thigh and around the hip. I am starting a composition […]

Japanese Fox, Kitsune, Huli jing

I have been asked if I could create a leg sleeve about the thirteen Foxes supposibaly based on Japanese Mythology. This is a very interesting as the initial document I received describes  13 aspects of the Kitsune and their characteristics. Classifieds as “Heaven, Void, Wind, Spirit, Fire, Earth, River, Ocean, Mountain, […]

European Tattoo Tour

I wish to say a big thanks to all the people who have commissioned me for their tattoos so far! I did not expect so  many people!  This is really helping my studies, I am glad you’ve all ask me to do beautiful work! It is with humble respect I am […]