Monthly Archives: March 2010

Eikon EMS 300

Post Digital creation Culture? Am Laughing loud now! After much hesitation, I finally bought an Eikon to try it. I can not comment on the Critical CX-2. Everything seems big compared to an IPOD!  But this Eikon Feels Very Very Stable & So accurate! Almost like a synth! You can enjoy […]

Tiger Sleeve Tattoo First Draft

First Draft of a Tiger Tattoo Sleeve for a new client in the greater New York Area. First Lines so that we can discuss the concept and see where we want to go with it. For every design I prepare I kind of tune in the person’s life, following their […]

Secret Garden Geisha Tattoo

Second session on the secret garden where the geisha share her love by playing music in her very own garden. An intimate moment.  Know I can really get into the details see how good I can get it! Time to practice 3 needles and 1 needle liner see how I […]

Japanese Tattoo, secret garden

First draft for a 3/4 sleeve based on a personal story. The scene is set in her sacred garden. This draft helps our communication as I have to get the drawing ready before my trip to Europe. It’s first quick sketch based on her measures, a translation of all the […]