Monthly Archives: December 2009

Vegan & Organic Tattoo Ink

I have recently discovered Stable Color that produces vegan Tattoo ink. However, I haven’t tested them myself. Yoso Tattoo wants to use ‘clean ink’, even if it  means faster loss of colour, especially for the people who wish to have a 100% ethical tattoo. We believe the number of tattoo artist […]

Horiki Eriko

For people years ago, the white color of Japanese traditional paper (washi) represented the ability to purify things. That is the spirit behind washi,” says Horiki Eriko. “Washi is remarkably strong, and over time it develops its own personality. I thought to myself that it would be really interesting to use […]

Richard aka Rase02, Valencia, Spain

An amazing tattoo artist based in Valencia. Richard, One of my best friend at work. Doing some really good work. With an outline as sharp as the frozen wind. His own style in my view is characters and strange mythical creatures inspired by all kind of philosophies with a slight […]

Fudo Myo Study, colour

Study of Fudo Myo (Japanese god), work in progress. Original size A1. (Apologise for bad quality mobile pic). Am playing with the id how making this an A1 poster at affordable price. Please leave a comment if you would be interested. Thank you!

Phoenix Back Piece Sketch concept.

We have had quite a few requests recently asking Yoso aka Horitama to design Tattoos for people in other countries.�This phoenix has been custom design based on the client’s story and the desired positioning on the body, we will tattoo it at our next travel in Europe which usually happens […]