Monthly Archives: October 2009

Needles & Sins

There are a few places where I go back to here and then to check out what’s the latest news they’re spreading. Needles & SIns is one of them. They kind of give a strange feeling of knowing all the latest stuff about the tattoo ‘cliche’. A nice read whenever […]

Interview with Ami James from Miami Ink.

Credit: Stan Horaczek (writer), Omar Cruz (photographer) Recent Interview with Inked Mag. It’s interesting how this show attracted haters and lover. In my view it was a great show as far as ‘commercial TV’ goes. Really interesting to see this get mainstream, Yes Sad that while opening the tattoo world […]

Tamasii Japanese Tattoo Book

Good night to all! Great shot from Meowth for our upcoming publication Tamasii volume 01. Yes we’re still working on it! Make sure you check Meowth flickr feed. She is available for Tattoo magazines as a photographer and fixer. Also for those of you who are interested in joining a Japanese […]