Monthly Archives: September 2009

Japanese mask, Hiotoko

Japanese Mask I started yesterday for a new customer. As a starting point, I decided to study a sketch from Horicho, mixing it with my own style. Original plays from China which became its own thing in Japan. Here Iopalai san as I call him (Iopalai meaning drunk). Japanese call […]

Ryūjin from Matt Lyon

We’ve invited Matt to contribute to our volume one with one of his illustration. A great example of what we could call contemporary traditional Japanese illustration. An interesting mash up! Lines, texture and colours are definitely alive! The project is evolving, we have now decided to include more art and […]


Great Print from KuniYoshi, one of the key artists who influenced Traditional Japanese Tattoo. Enjoy! Y. Found this on drunkentengu, I recommend you to read this interview from Kazuo Oguri aka Horihide on