Monthly Archives: August 2009

Bonten Horiken

We apologise for not posting recently. We have been too busy working on our book/magazine. Here a a few pics from Bonten Horiken, as sample of the work that will be included in our publication! Three Great steps in a work in progress. We hope this will inspire some of […]

Shige, Yellow Blaze at work!

Another Focus shot! Sometimes I think that’s what tattoo masters get addicted to! The Focus! Visual Meditation! The Lesson for my next Tattoo today! Oh My god it’s gonna be a real challenge! Perfect curves from top to bottom :)

New Yakuza Tattoo by Whom?

Apparently a New Yakuza getting his full body suit according to  the photographer! Who is that girl? I love her focus! Maybe a shot taken a the Tokyo Tattoo convention? The photographer did not give me her name, he said Ask yourself :) Funny man! Maybe he doesn’t  know! If any of you […]

Tibetan Symbols

It is not only a matter of copying Shige’s, or Philipe Leu’s work (I.e. skulls) as it is often seen, You also have to understand the symbolism and the culture that is represented, the how and they why! So get this book if you want to get anywhere near some […]


Muerte is a celebration of the master of black ink, Mike Giant. He has achieved fame as a graffiti artist, illustrator and tattooist. Whether his medium is concrete, paper or skin, his signature style is made up of equal parts Mexican folk art and Japanese illustration – is unmistakable. Latin […]

Snakes, Hawks &Tigers by Horimouja

Snake, Hebi They are said to have supernatural abilities, such as protection against illness, disaster, bad fortune and like the dragon can bring rain. Snakes have the ability to transform themselves into human forms, usually that of a vengeful, jealous or wronged woman. One of the best stories of this […]