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Summer time in Japan, Yakuza style!

I love the story and the pic on this! Great to see a big smile as opposed to the ‘scary face’ stereotype! Yakuza can be so welcoming for foreigners! You know the score, look at anyone in the ‘wrong’ way, they’re likely to look at you in the same way! […]

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We have decided to sell our own e-books and image libraries created and published by Yoso Tattoo*, including with some rare or hard to find Japanese publications!  For Tattoo Lovers (All made with love from Japan). if you run your own art, or tattoo website. You might be interested in […]

Japanese Yakuza, History and Cultural Development

Japanese Yakuza History and Cultural Development School of International Studies Obirin University, Tokyo, Japan Original Article from: Yakuza history traces its origins to the Tokugawa era, the time of the shogunate, when Ieyasu Tokugawa unified the country of Japan. Japan had come a long way from its period of civil […]