Monthly Archives: March 2009

Obi (帯, おび)

    Was Kimono hunting yesterday. I love their designs and patterns and feel those will be  a great source of inspiration for future tattoo designs. I have also decided to collaborate with a Japanese Girl who’s really into Kimono etc. Expect some really cool stuff coming out :) Here […]

Crane and Wedding Kimono

: In reference to the Crane Design I posted a couple of days ago. Here are sample designs of more traditional Crane Design, and the Kimono, usually used for Wedding Kimono. The Cranes wishing luck and longevity.

Crane, tsuru, coloured for girl

This is what I call New Style Crane Design. Based on New style Japanese Kimono designs As most traditional Still use White cranes (at least on the outside), and contrast with bright colours i.e. orange in the background. For those of you who love the more colourful fancy stuff. Do […]