Monthly Archives: December 2008

U-kyoke – Love Scene

U-kyoke Design, initially designed for a back piece. The Hair would have covered a smaller tattoo that she wanted covered up. I also wanted to mix it with new style. But the initial design was based on simplicity. Really Nice Placement on the body.

Dragon Phoenix Tattoo Flash

Yakuza (The Story)

httpv:// For those of you who are into Yakuza Culture. All the Video Bits from the Yakuza Game, Including a few references to the tattoo world. Complete Playlist on youtube.

Ta Tatau : Keones Nunes

    Probably the best video interview from In Lines with my thoughts about Tattoo Artists, Even If I do not insist on Family and past Generations, probably due to the nature of living in big citis – although they are important part in how your life is shaped. […]

Inked Inc.

      INKED Inc. exists at the intersection of bodyart and  professional culture.  INKED Inc. shows how the once-derided tattoo is transcending both cultural and societal boundaries. The INKED Inc. project consists of an online dynamic  photography portfolio, a hardcover published book, a traveling photography exhibition and an online […]