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Kazuo, Traditional Japanese tattooing.

 source:, visit their website, there is a few interesting things there.        Kazuo Oguri recieves a lifetime achievement award from Steve Gilbert at the first Northern Ink Xposure in 1998.)   Traditional Japanese Tattooing Copyright 1999 By Kazuo Oguri Translated by Mieko Yamada  (All artwork and photos Copyright Kazuo […]

Dragon Phoenix Tattoo Flash

Ten Rules for Being Human

Couldn’t resist that one! Could make a great text tattoo :) by Cherie Carter-Scott 1. You will receive a body. You may like it or hate it, but it’s yours to keep for the entire period. 2. You will learn lessons. You are enrolled in a full-time informal school called, […]

Felicity, The Japanese tattoo, traditional Japanese tattoo, Japanese Tattoo Book

Extract from the Book The Japanese Tattoo The tortoise is a symbol of longevity since it is reputed to live “forever.” It also carries with it sexual connotations because its extending and retracting neck resembles an uncircumcised penis. The subject shown here asked Horiyoshi III somewhat unusually, to tattoo the […]

Horiyoshi III, Seven Gods of Good Fortune, Traditional Japanese Tattoo, Japanese Tattoo Book

Extract from the Book The Japanese Tattoo The client’s protruding abdomen suggested to tattoo master Horiyoshi III a design involving the Seven Deities of Good Fortune, widely worshiped by the merchant class of the seventh century, the time of tattoo’s greatest fashion, and still popularly revered even today. Hotei, the […]

Horikin, The Japanese Tattoo, Transcendence, Japanese Tattoo Book

Extract from the Book The Japanese Tattoo Transcendence orikin designed this pattern for his head (“the seat of all senses”). Which was then tattooed variously by Horigoro III, Horikin II (his brother and disciple), and Horiyoshi III. Here the art of tattooing joins that of calligraphy. The large red characters […]

Horikin, The Japanese Tattoo, Devotion, Japanese Tattoo Book

 Extract from the Book The Japanese Tattoo Appropriately, Horikin tattooed his wife’s back with the Kwannon (Hindu Avalokitesvara), the Buddhist goddess who is the All-Merciful One Surveying the World with Pity, and who rides a Golden Carp. Kwannon sits on a lotus throne with her head surrounded in a halo of purifying […]

Japanese Tattoo Books and Japanese Art, traditional and contemporary Japanese Tattoo Flash, Japanese Koi Tattoo

:: See the List of Book here, I also especially recommend “The Japanese Tattoo” as cheap and of good quality. Tattoo Flash in Progress as part of a series, not ready to be released yet Hello Everyone :) Still in Japan, continuing my tattoo research. Jumping between Kyoto and SOuth. […]