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Dragon Phoenix Tattoo Flash

Origin of Maori Tattoo, Tā moko

Research in tattoo and spirituality pushes you to understand it history and rituals. The problem is always to understand its cultural language. Not much seems to be available, I guess the best solution will be to go over there, find a master who can explains its symbolic. Anyway, I found […]

Dragon Phoenix Tattoo Flash

Tattoo Block : Borneo

Found this a while ago. I think I am going to get one! For the ritual! And to have an object that symbolises one of the most universal tattoos. Haven’t tattoed myself with this one first! But Ihave thought about it many times! I have seen someone doing it the […]

Dragon Phoenix Tattoo Flash

Buddhist Tattoo

Sacred Art! one could call it! Another story of a spiritual tattoo done to a non Thai guy! The more I progress on the path! The more I believe in the force that exists within tattoing with conscience. This as always been my feeling, since my first tattoo which symbolised […]

Dragon Phoenix Tattoo Flash

Tibetan Flames

Thinking about new ideas to complete the back of my fore arm. Sometimes when you get the anger, you really feel you have to reconsider your inner desires. However, after challenging the self and the ego, I realise there wasn;t any other way at that time with the way I […]

Dragon Phoenix Tattoo Flash

Peace Tattoo

Really Like this Tattoo! Not much to say :) It’s all in the picture! Making me think of Banksy’s work! Not sure if it was one of his! In the meantime, welcome to check some of his work on inked nation Peace!!! yoso. ma.

Dragon Phoenix Tattoo Flash

Hoodie Monks

New Article I found on the wors Horse! Once You enter the Dharma! The world unveils in beauty and respect! Light is everywhere when you are eyes feel enlightened! A buddhist monk who spreads the dharma to Graffiti Arts! Unstopable! The Dharma will spread to the infinite, around the world! […]


That’s the second Tattoo I got from the Tattoo confidential Blog! Just to make sure that you visit their blog! It’s really nice! This story is also very interesting! “I am a female to male transsexual who has gotten sex reassignment surgery and have been on hormone replacement therapy for […]

Relaxed and fun

Another tattoo story, and an other blog i found :) Nice to see so many blogs telling tattoo stories! AT Least a medium that gets exposed and explained with sincerity! Extract: “I have a grand sense of adventure and love of the childhood feelings of curiosity. I believe in trying […]

Personal Tattoo!

Got a comment from Shaun today :) and as I am curious, went to check his blog :) When I happily found one of the nicest stories regarding the tattoo he got done on himself! Really like the way he describes the meaning of his tattoo! Again, one demonstration of […]

Dragon Phoenix Tattoo Flash

Dragon Tattoo

A classic, Many people want to get a Dragon Tattoo! I encourage you to have a look into the Dragon symbolic before you commit to the design. Occidental Dragon vs Eastern Dragon. Do your research! For basic info, you can start by checking the good old wikipedia here. I also […]

Dragon Phoenix Tattoo Flash

Dharma Burger

Last Night after the skull tattoo! I started thinking that I wouldn’t make anymore post that I find too extremes! Let’s see what happens! But for now, a little bit more Buddha Vibe. Received a comment from the dharma Burger People. “Pop – and sub-culture for dharma people. Dharma for […]

Skull Tattoo

Got a comment from someone today, saying Hello. Nothing more. I checked where it was coming from, and found this pic, coming from another tattoo blog with an interview. I have to admit that even though I always think I am somehow open minded. Some stuff just doesn’t look right […]