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Dragon Phoenix Tattoo Flash

Origin of tattoo, personal thoughts

from Tatouage LE TATOUAGE HISTOIRE ET SYMBOLIQUE Par TATTOOMAN Un peu d’histoire Platon, Aristophane, Hérodote, Marco Polo et Jules César dans son « de bello gallica », mentionnent avoir rencontré des peuples tatoués. En inde, la légende de Cyrrohée et Bantas en fait mention. Quel à été le premier peuple […]

Arabic inspired tattoo

Today, a good friend asked me to think about a tattoo for his wife and him… both going on the finger… the research lead him to this site. Interesting Inspirations for tattoos or other body art see more

Dragon Phoenix Tattoo Flash

Toxic Tattoo inks

Are modern Tattoo inks toxic? What is the level of toxicity, is it more toxic than walking in the city street or smoking a cigarette? Is it more toxic than drinking tap water. Very intersting topic! The research goes on! If you have any information about this, please leave a […]